A study medical tourism in china

Hainan aims to become a world-class medical tourism destination within five years by developing the boao lecheng international medical tourism pilot zone, according to a provincial official. Medical tourism history in fact dates back to ancient times the following is a short excerpt into the colorful history of medical tourism these time lines indicate that if ever healthcare is in short supply - wherever the location or whatever period in time it may be - sick and injured people will travel for healthcare. The globalization of healthcare has given rise to a new form of tourism that is commonly known as medical tourism when medical tourism is booming in the world, its development in china is still in its infancy. The next step, he said, will be to work toward promoting china as a medical tourism destination by working with the travel and economic development sectors some have sensed the business opportunity.

The chinese medical tourism is indeed already a big market, and it is growing quite fast but has to be pointed out that it represents less than the 18 percent of the total $551 billion spent globally on medical tourism in 2015. This exploratory study assesses the experiences of medical travelers seeking out of country health care in four destination countries: india, china, jordan and the united arab emirates it aims to identify the source countries of medical travelers, to understand their reasons for seeking out-of. The last section we visited during our medical tourism to china trip was called the new walking street it is an area connected by a streetcar near the forbidden city it is a new and trendy section of all new stores, restaurants and even some car dealers.

(the core of lemen international), a global group focusing on private health management, is the first medical tourism company in china to achieve international medical tourism certification from the us-based medical travel quality alliance. Globally, the medical tourism market is expected to grow from us$563 billion in 2018 to us$1366 billion in 2023, according to a recent study by market research company wise guy reports, with. Analysts predict that medical tourism in switzerland will increase by 20% by 2015 due to the quality of the healthcare services and the experienced medics a recent study shows that 30,000 tourists come in switzerland annually for healthcare treatments and surgeries. Admission for international students study medicine, engineering, business mangament, finance and economics programs at china universities, colleges and schools in affordable cost and fees for bachelor degree, master/postgraduate/pg degree or doctoral/phd.

The countries where medical tourism is being actively promoted include greece, south africa, jordan, india, malaysia, philippines and singapore india is a recent entrant into medical tourism. There’s a new type of tourism trend that is becoming mainstream amongst females in china it’s called medical tourism during a medical vacation tourists seek services like plastic surgery, medical care, disease treatment, rehabilitation and training medical tourism (mt) is defined as patient. China is fast rising as the most popular destination for those peoples who are seeking the medical care in a broad range of medical services combining orthopedics, neurology and so on a lot of government and private hospitals in main cities have developed international students. One such option is medical tourism or traveling to foreign countries that offer exceptionally good medical services at amazingly affordable rates today, more and more americans fly out to china to get themselves treated in the high-tech chinese hospitals at a fraction of costs demanded by hospitals in us. Finally, china needed to develop it medical system to have the tourists trust by getting certifications of good quality of treatments chinese are attracted by medical systems abroad also, medical tourism concerns chineses too.

Other factors relating to china's healthcare infrastructure also play a role, according to yumi gu, a shanghai-based medical-tourism consultant many of the late-stage cancer patients are. The trend is a twist on the perception of medical tourism as a way to save money, often on noncritical procedures like dental work and face-lifts for these customers, getting out of china is a matter of life or death. Medical tourism in china may 11, 2018 no comments according to this study, the type “medical tourism” is positioned as the fourth most attractive in the “travel” sector among chinese travelers, and was, in 2017, the market segment with the highest level of growth. Indeed, china is on the rise to become one of the world’s largest outbound medical tourism markets 2, and this strong prospect for future chinese demand is set to drive the global market for medical tourism up to $6785 billion by 2017 3 – an impressive 547% growth from the $4386 billion charted in 2015 3.

  • View study most-viewed statistics vehicle sales in china 2008-2018 important factors for selecting a medical tourism destination 2013-2015.
  • China’s ill, and wealthy, look abroad for medical treatment hospitals and a new generation of medical tourism companies are luring well-heeled chinese patients away from an overburdened health.

The medical tourism association ® is always striving to educate and promote awareness throughout the industry the information and research gained from conducting research and surveys significantly increases awareness in medical tourism through our findings and current information. Medical tourism is a $40 billion worldwide industry, and china believes it can attract droves of foreign patients because of its affordable healthcare costs, expert physicians and specialists, modern technology, and multi-lingual medical personnel. Medical tourism destination, due to the competi tive nature of medical tourism industry in the region, singapore is also seeking to satisfy the demand for more affordable treatments (imtj 2010b. Study in china union(admissionscn), founded in 2004, boasts of 18 language versions, 30 classified sites, 8 function sites and has launched international sites in more than 40 countries around the world, provincial-level sites in chinese 34 highest-level administrative divisions, classified as 23 provinces (including taiwan), 4 municipalities, 5 autonomous regions and 2 special.

a study medical tourism in china Medical tourism most often is for surgeries (cosmetic or otherwise) or similar treatments, though people also travel for dental tourism or fertility tourism people with rare conditions may travel to countries where the treatment is better understood.
A study medical tourism in china
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