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Aristophanes and xenophon illustrate this desire by presenting the ideal characteristics of a wife and the characteristics men fear they also use exaggeration to make the distinction between the good wife and the undesirable wife even clearer. Socrates and aristophanes (review) marie c fox journal of the history of philosophy, volume 5, number 3, july 1967, pp strauss proposes that a more accurate historical socrates is to be found in xenophon modern scholars, however, have hesitated, for good reason, to travel this path with aristophanes agreed to a view propounded by. Plato & socrates (born 470, died xenophon and aristophanes respectively portray socrates as accepting payment for teaching and running a sophist school with chaerephon, while in plato's apology of socrates and symposium socrates explicitly denies accepting payment for teaching in the apology, socrates cites his poverty as.

xenophon and aristophanes Specifically, this joke of xenophon's is a direct allusion to aristophanes's play the clouds, which took second prize in an athenian play-contest in the year 423 bce in the clouds, socrates.

Sented by plato and xenophon agreed entirely with aristophanes' judgment on the socrates presented by the comic poet aristophanes and socrates meet before our eyes in plato's banquet about seven years after. Aristophanes' comic portrayal of socrates is at the same time a bitter critique of him and other leading intellectual figures of the day (the 420s bc), but from plato, xenophon, and the other composers (in the 390's and later) of “socratic discourses” (as aristotle calls this body of writings) we receive a far more favorable impression. 3 socrates in aristophanes, plato, and xenophon the clouds opens with strepsiades’ soliloquy he cannot sleep, he curses the war – the clouds was staged in 423, during the peloponnesian war – he curses his extravagant son, he dreads his creditors.

Socrates and aristophanes, basic books, 1966 reprint: university of chicago press, 1980 excerpt: since socrates did not write books or speeches, we depend entirely on other men’s reports for our knowledge of the circumstances in which, or of the reasons for which, political philosophy was founded. The socratic problem by sanderson beck aristophanes xenophon plato this chapter has been published in the book confucius and socrates teaching wisdom for ordering information, please click here. 4 socrates in aristophanes, plato, and xenophon popper in the open society and its enemies argued that aristophanes must be rejected as a source of evidence concerning the historical socrates, since his ‘evidence was rejected by socrates himself, in the apology . If you are searching for a book by aristophanesxenophon the trials of socrates: six classic texts in pdf format, then you have come on to faithful site.

Xenophon was a student of socrates, and their personal relationship is evident through a conversation between the two in xenophon’s anabasis in his lives of eminent philosophers , the greek biographer diogenes laertius reports how xenophon met socrates. Of the two authors, plato's account is generally given more attention by scholars because he, unlike xenophon, actually attended the one-day trial of socrates in athens in 399 bce plato's metaphysics and epistemology appear to have been originally influenced by presocratic thinkers. Biography xenophon was an athenian military leader and author, who, along with plato and aristophanes, remains one of our chief literary sources regarding the way of life of socrates, his deeds as well as his speeches.

Free essay: a significant body of work regarding how xenophon’s oeconomicus is a response to aristophanes’ clouds has been written in the last few decades. Aristophanes presents the only unflattering portrait of socrates which stands in direct contrast to the views of plato and xenophon, socrates' two greatest literary admirers (euben, 1996) the clouds was chiefly an explication of the corrupt state of education in athens and the cause of this corruption (bates, 1906. Chaerephon is mentioned by three writers of his time, all of whom were probably well acquainted with him: aristophanes, xenophon, and platoconsidered together, these sources suggest that chaerephon was a well-known, alert, energetic, engaging individual, possibly with a distinctive physical appearance and probably a bit of a character, who moved easily in the social and intellectual circles.

  • Xenophon was a practical man whose ability to recognize philosophical issues is almost imperceptible, so it is plausible that his socrates appears as such a practical and helpful advisor because that is the side of socrates xenophon witnessed.
  • Xenophon's socratic discourse leo strauss 46 out of 5 stars 2 paperback $1700 next editorial reviews from the back cover in one of his last books, socrates and aristophanes, leo strauss examines the confrontation between socrates and aristophanes in aristophanes' comedies looking at eleven plays, strauss shows that this confrontation.
  • Pangle doesn’t simply connect xenophon with aristophanes because both are funny the two actually share a serious message what aristophanes’ serious message is, is a large question, which pangle alludes to by directing readers to strauss’ work, socrates and aristophanes.

The ugliness of socrates by aristophanes, plato and xenophon the mysterious historical figure of socrates is generally characterized as being ugly aristophanes, plato and xenophon are not applying the same specific features in their descriptions of the philosoper's ugliness. Provides a brief, but very clear, overview of socrates’ life and death, the socratic problem, and the contrasting portraits of socrates in aristophanes, plato, xenophon, and aristotle guthrie, w k c 1971. The testimony of xenophon and aristotle, alongside some of aristophanes's work (especially the clouds), is useful in fleshing out a perception of socrates beyond plato's work.

xenophon and aristophanes Specifically, this joke of xenophon's is a direct allusion to aristophanes's play the clouds, which took second prize in an athenian play-contest in the year 423 bce in the clouds, socrates.
Xenophon and aristophanes
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